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Kujawsko - Pomorskie (Kuyavian - Pomeranian): Toruń

Lähettää Painatus Lataa Hän lisäsi: | 2013-08-13 11:57:03

Kujawsko - Pomorskie (Kuyavian - Pomeranian): Toruń

Toruń – an interesting place for new investments ! 

Toruń is one of the most recognised and most popular cities in Poland, and at the same time, it is a place of great development possibilities, friendly for entrepreneurs and providing a favourable atmosphere for investments. The most important chief assets of Toruń are, among others: favourable geographical location, high quality of human capital, well developed technical infrastructure and cultural and sports aspects, which all constitute an important factor for investors creating new places of work. Toruń has prepared an attractive investment offer for business entrepreneurs, and also a system of support in the form of exemption from paying a property tax. Furthermore, within the city’s territory there are investment areas covered by the patronage of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, where one can run business activity on preferential terms, adjusted to individual needs of entrepreneurs. We guarantee that in Toruń any investor will find favourable conditions for investing and he will be granted support and assistance of the city’s authorities.

Please contact the Investor  Assistance Office of the City Hall in Toruń:·       

phone :  + 48 56 611 84 99; + 48 56  611 84 09·       

e-mail: boi@um.torun.pl 

More information:·       

- on website http://www.boi.torun.pl  

- in the promotional material enclosed

Kujawsko - Pomorskie



Toruń : Guidebook for investors
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