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Wyślij Painatus Pobierz Hän lisäsi: Magdalena Półtorak | 2017-03-27 14:22:06
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B2B meetings – effective search for outsourcing

Find Your business partners at the SUBCONTRACTING ITM MEETINGS 2017.

The meetings will be held on the second and third day of trade fairs SUBCONTRACTING, ITM POLSKA, 3D SOLUTIONS, MODERNLOG, 7-8 June 2017.

Poznań is where You can meet

· subcontractors providing mainly metal processing and industry services

· buyers from for nearly all sectors i.e. automation, machines, robotics, automotive, aircraft, ships.

The reasons why Poland is good to look for subcontractors

· stable economy

· industry with cutting-edge machinery park and qualified professionals

· convenient location

· competitive price

Check if it is worth to participate?

· register and check the list of subcontractors and buyers

· take part in the event only if you find suitable business partners

· free of charge participation for foreign buyers and exhibitors


More information: Poznań International Fair Ltd. PPE_PL_B2B meetings.pdf



B2B meetings
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