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Wolves Summit - conference for startups, investors, corporations, entrepreneurs and SMBs, Warsaw, 28-29 March 2017

Wyślij Painatus Pobierz Hän lisäsi: Maciej Czerniakiewicz | 2017-02-01 09:48:33
start-up, investors

Wolves Summit is a conference for startups, investors, corporations, entrepreneurs and SMBs from around the world interested in innovations in technology and building a global business network.

Wolves Summit, an international networking conference is taking place in Warsaw, Poland on 28-29 March 2017. Participants include 350 startups, 50 scaleups, 250 investors and 350 executives. They all meet in one place to discuss innovation, technology and business development. We are inviting you to become a part and join the conference.

If you and your company wish to join Wolves Summit as a Partner or get more information about the event please contact Mr Piotr Piasek from Wolves Summit Team. You can reach him at: p.piasek@wolvessummit.com

Wolves Summit March 2017 in a nutshell:

  • 2 min aftermovie – last edition
  • opinions on Wolves Summit – short video
  • networking opportunities with +2000 participants including 350 startups, 250 investors and 350 executives
  • chance to find new business partners and clients
  • find innovative tech startups  according to your needs (350 startups and 50 scaleups)
  • a precise meeting scheduling system before the conference with client profiling (3072 1:1 meetings during previous edition) – allows to collect many business cards in a short time
  • participants - corporations: board members, directors of IT, innovation, strategy, marketing sales, digital, analysis departments; small and medium enterprises; experienced startups and ones at an early stage of development; investment funds and private investors
  • VIP Party and an evening networking event
  • last edition in numbers: 3072 1:1 meetings, 47 countries, 1956 participants, 192 investors, 371 executives
  • patners : TVN Ventures, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, 3M, P&G, Raiffeisen, WP, West Tech Ventures, Amazon, Wyra, Allegro, Orlen, RWE, PocztaPolska, Orange, T-Mobile, Inventure, Action Capital Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Samsung, WP, Bayer, PARP, KIC InnoEnergy, Netia, PWC, Tech Pilot Fund, Google, PR Newswire, Betacom, NCBIR, Publicis Media, Hub:Raum, Allianz, YouNick and more…

more abount this event PPE_PL_Wolves Summit Experience.pdf



Wolves Summit Experience
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